March, 2004

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Dear Colleague, Our e-newsletter is an on-going service designed to continue to educate our business community to combat the threats of negligent hiring, workplace violence, and other human resource issues that arise in our business world today. 


                                      Warning! Investigate your Prince(ess) Before You Hire

It costs $7,000 to replace a salaried employee,
$10,000 for a mid-level employee,
and $40,000 to replace a senior executive



Below are some hiring and employment statistics:









Why Out Source Your Screening Needs?

Like many companies, Human Resource Departments are responsible to acquire as much data on the potential employee as possible.  However, the demands of the H.R. departments are getting greater every day.  To ensure your due diligence is complete and there are no biases regarding the information collected, it is critical, today more than ever, to outsource your screening service. 


Why Request a Credit Report When Hiring?

Information gathered can help to determine if the potential employee, intended to handle money or merchandise, has a sound financial background.  This eliminates any concern that a desperate employee may have to somehow repair his/her financial dilemmas with your business dollar.



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