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Our newsletter is an on-going service designed to continue to educate the business community to combat the threats of negligent hiring, workplace violence, and other human resource issues that arise in our business world today.  It is also designed to inform the public of issues and concerns that may impact day-to-day life. 


In this particular newsletter we are sharing information to help combat identity theft and offer information that may help take control of this epidemic situation.  But first….here is a funny, true story……


***Not Just Your Average Grandma***

An elderly woman spent a leisurely day at a shopping mall.  When she returned to her vehicle, she found four strange men sitting in her car.  Frightened, the woman dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun.  She told the men that if they did not get out of the car, she would shoot.  The four men ran off quickly.  The woman got into the car; however her key would not fit.  All of a sudden she realized that her car was the identical one parked a few spaces down.  She drove to the police department and reported the situation.  The officer on duty laughed hysterically and pointed to the other end of the counter where four pale men had reported a hijacking by a mean old lady.  No charges were filed.

Everyone loves a good joke. However, identify theft and fraud is no laughing matter, and like the elderly lady in the story, it is time to take control.  Credit card, computer, mail, wire, financial, and Social Security are all opportunities for identity theft.  Below we offer information that may protect you against Social Security theft and the detail to address it, should you become a victim. 


Who is using YOUR Social Security Number?


You may be relieved to find it is only you, or surprised to find there are others using your social security number.  It is time to check it out - SSN Search finds all the detail you are looking for.  If you find someone else is on your SSN, notify the SSN department by filling out and submitting an ID Theft Complaint Input Form immediately, or call the SSN Fraud Hotline – 800-269-0271.


Businesses often request social security numbers from consumers.  Be sure to ask the following questions and then decide whether you want to do business with that company.  It is your choice!

·          Why do you need my SSN?

·          How will my SSN be used?

·          What law requires me to give you my SSN?

·          What will happen if I do not give you my SSN?


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