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August 2004


How do you change hiring practices?


Don’t Hire Monsters!!!!!!


Hello, Colleague.  Our June Newsletter detailed a hiring nightmare we witnessed one of our clients go through earlier this year.  We all know this has been the common hiring practice for years.   

Below is the story:




Grand Theft:

Jim, H.R. Manager for a company employing near 2,000 people was in search of a Controller.  After many hours of reviewing resumes, he found five, what seemed to be outstanding, capable people.  The interviews were arranged and one by one the candidates met with the appropriate managers.

What does this hiring practice




the Employer, Recruiter,

and H.R. Manager?


-  Wasted Interviews, wasted money, and wasted time, NOT TO MENTION the embarrassment of presenting a candidate that lied to get the job

-  Cost of background searches and still unable to hire the candidate

-  Back to the drawing board in search of a new candidate, again wasting time and money



Two weeks and many hours later, the group decided on, what they believed, to be the perfect candidate for this position.  She had an accounting degree from Boise State, with, according to her resume, 5 years experience.  Seemed very positive.  The last process left was to perform the usual pre-employment screening. Jim ordered the multi-state criminal w/social detail from Argus.  Within a few hours, the results came in.  His candidate had been convicted of Grand Theft a few years earlier and had spent time in jail for the offense.  She failed to mention this “minor” detail on her resume/application.




Announcing our New Partnership

This newsletter is to introduce a new concept and positive change in the hiring process!  Announcing our partnership with Inc. - a new job site where job seekers voluntarily have a National Criminal and Social Security Search performed on THEM.  The candidates offer their info to any and all employers, recruiters, H.R. Managers, etc. when they submit their resume.  Argus Search, Inc. performs and certifies all searches for the candidates.



What is the benefit to the Job Seeker?


  • Job seekers no longer compete with millions of other candidates, some of whom may fabricate their backgrounds
  • Job Seekers have the opportunity to request additional certificates for employment, education, and/or DMV



the Employer, Recruiter,

and H.R. Manager


  • All job seeker candidates are Pre-screened when they become a member
  • All candidates pay for their own background checks
  • Reduces turnover and saves money
  • Free membership
  • Free unlimited resume searches
  • Unlimited Job Postings for $69, 90 days each




Post your jobs – and qualified candidates will come.




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