Call On Argus!

July 25, 2005
If you're in need of any of the following products or services, we are here for you. Call on us immediately for best prices and service,
and allow us to remove some of your business frustrations!
 **** Civil Restitution Services **** 
We provide restitution from shoplifters for both security companies and private retail.
        Price:  Call for Quote
 **** Collection Tools **** 
We provide instant Social Security/Trace Detail. Find your debtors immediately.
          Price:  Contact us for Special Pricing
 **** Credit Reports **** 
For employment screening or credit profiling.
          Price:  Special Pricing
 **** Pre-Employment Screening **** 
Investigate your potential employee and find out whether or not there is a criminal background. Compare resumes with the SSN report.
          Price:  Special Pricing
 **** **** 
Soon to be Free for job seekers and job posters. Job seekers have the 
opportunity to get pre-screened.
          Price:  FREE