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Bankruptcy * Bankruptcies/Liens/Judgments * Business UCC Search * Business Profile Report * Commercial Intelliscore * Business Summary

Per FCRA regulations, you are required to obtain a signed Release Form from your applicant(s) prior to retrieving information about them. You should keep the release form on file for at least two years.

Product Details:


Provides most current nationwide search for bankruptcy filings on a person or business within just two days of a filing, and returns Trustee, Attorney for Filer, Assets, Liabilities, Chapter, Date of Creditors' Meeting, and Disposition.
Coverage: All 50 states plus DC.


Bankruptcies, Liens, & Judgments

The Bankruptcies, Liens, and Judgments database includes records obtained from the final bankruptcies, liens, and judgments found in court records. Possible uses include: Asset Location, Risk Management, Fraud Detection, and Identity Verification. This search can be automatically run before each credit bureau report request. If a hit occurs, the credit report will not be pulled and any designated person will be notified. The credit report can then be pulled after review, if desired.
Coverage: All 50 states.


Business UCC Search

Details from a loan made on behalf of a corporation, including items used for collateral. Delivers immediate results.
Excludes: HI, WV, WI.

Business Profile Report

Get a comprehensive profile of a company's credit history detailing payment behavior, public record history, and other pertinent data.


Commercial Intelliscore

Intelliscore services use statistical credit risk scoring models to predict the likelihood of a company becoming significantly delinquent.


Business Summary

Low-cost abbreviated business report designed for quick decisions on low balance/low margin accounts.


Business Profile or with Optional Intelliscore

A combination report of the Business Profile and Intelliscore reports.

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