On-Site Manual Searches by Argus Search Inc.

Argus offers a variety of manual searches. These searches are performed at the court house by professionals, many of whom have paralegal certificates.

By ordering on-site manual checks, you are provided information resulting from arrests for Felony and Misdemeanor offenses. Felony offenses are usually punishable by serving at least one year in jail. Misdemeanors (less severe charges) usually result in a fine or jail time of less than one year. These records do not include expunged, sealed, or juvenile convictions.

Per FCRA regulations, you are required to obtain a signed Release Form from your applicant(s) prior to retrieving information about them. You should keep the release form on file for at least two years.

DMV Records Check

Get a detailed listing of an applicant's driving records for a state.
Excludes: AK,HI,NH
Please keep a Release Form on hand for all DMVs requested. We will require a copy for some states.
We also need an Addendum completed if you are going to pull MVRs from Colorado.

County Civil

A manual search of all higher and lower courts for tax liens, small claims, judgements and civil actions for a specific county.
Coverage: All 50 states plus DC.

County Criminal

A manual search of all higher and lower courts for arrest and conviction records, by county.
Coverage: All 50 states plus DC.

State Criminal

Felony and misdemeanor convictions report that includes incarceration.
Excludes: AK, AZ, CA, DC, LA, MS, NV, NH, NM, UT, VT, WV, WY.


State Department of Corrections

Request a manual search of the higher and lower courts in Department of Corrections records for a state.
Excludes: CA, DE, HI, LA, ME, NJ, SC, WY.

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